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In 2017, OkayAfrica established an exclusive platform to pay homage to 100 women of excellence among the diaspora during Women’s History Month. These women were selected based on their impact and influence as change agents and innovators in their industries. Now in its third year, OkayAfrica 100 Women has become a dynamic, multifaceted platform honoring women across the world.

The OkayAfrica 100 Women 2019 List is dedicated to the youth. This year, we celebrate the daughters of the continent for their dedication to disrupting the status quo locally and creating safe spaces for African women globally; driving technological and scientific advancements; and for pushing for inclusivity in television, film, art, and media for this generation and those that will follow.  

Through 100 Women and subsequent editorial, OkayAfrica continues to speak directly to Africa’s consumer base of one billion, with cutting edge cultural stories and curated experiences, while connecting international audiences to the best of what the continent and its diaspora has to offer.


Closing out a year-long research project, OkayAfrica curated a list of African women who are using their power, influence, creativity and business acumen to invest in or move youth culture forward. These women understand the value and dynamism the young people on the continent possess and have dedicated their work to enriching their lives and legitimizing their experiences.

This year’s list was selected according to their accomplishments and influence, as well as how well they fulfilled the following criteria:

  • Innovation in moving youth culture forward

  • Pioneering significant representation for young African women

  • Moving the needle forward socially, economically, technologically, culturally, etc.

  • Investment in the community


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