Joy Bii


Joy Chebet Bii is a self-described go-getter and dream chaser. It makes sense, as the 21-year-old has hit the ground running as a software engineer in her community. Bii is fresh off of earning her BSc in Mathematics and Computer Science from Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology and ready to dive into her field head first. Currently, she is a Solutions Architect at Shimba Technologies in Nairobi, where the company provides corporate mobile-related solutions for clients like Samsung, Heineken, Intel, IFC International, Ericsson and more. Prior to working at Shimba, the Kericho, Kenya native spent time as a business development and administration intern for Cyntonn Investments and a DevOps engineer for Nano Digital Limited.

At such a young age, Bii is already in the habit of giving back and making sure her wealth of information is not hers alone. As a 2016 Mozilla Club captain, a partnership between UN Women and The Mozilla Foundation, Bii taught basic coding and digital literacy skills to girls at Victory Hope Club in Kibera, the biggest slum in Nairobi. She has also trained children at Africa Code Week as well as mentored at KamiLimu, a free mentorship program intended to heighten the classroom learning experience for Computer Science students at Kenyan universities. Aside from actively working as a mentor, teacher and engineer, Bii flexes her creative muscle as a freelance writer, penning articles about computing and IT-related topics. As a young black woman in technology and a role model, her impressive start will definitely inspire her peers to close the gender gap within ICT careers.

STEMTeneille Craig