Dr. Hania Morsi Fadl

Image via Youtube

Image via Youtube

Dr. Hania Morsi Fadl has officially set a precedent in her home country of Sudan. The radiologist has thrust the need for women’s health services into the national conversation. Fadl is the founder and CEO of Khartoum Breast Cancer Centre Sudan, the only breast cancer clinic in the country. The non-profit, which opened in 2010 with help from the Mo Ibrahim Foundation, offers comprehensive breast care service including an assessment clinic, radiological and pathological assessments, surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. In Sudan, cancer rose from the tenth to the second most common cause of death. Her all-inclusive center has seen more than 15,000 women and diagnosed over 12,000 cancer cases in men and women, all for affordable (sometimes free) costs.

After practicing medicine in Sudan for four years, Fadl left her home behind for London in 1974 on a governmental scholarship to specialize in diagnostic radiology at St. Bartholomew’s Hospital. From the late ‘80s into the ‘90s, she was spent time in Birmingham and London hospitals as a general consultant radiologist for the UK National Health Service. Her next position, a consultant Breast Radiologist for the UK National Breast Cancer Screening Program at Charing Cross Hospital and North London BCSS, would go on to last for 18 years. Fadl—who studied at Faculty of Medicine—Alexandria University, Faculty of Radiology—London and the Royal College of Radiologists—now has more than 40 years in medical practice under her belt.

She received an OBE award (Order of The British Empire), an honor from England’s Queen Elizabeth II in the summer of 2015, then received an Order of Distinction by H.E Omer Hassan Al Bashir, the president of Sudan in recognition of her services to the Sudanese society at the end of the year. Most recently, she received a 2017 Arab Woman of the Year honor, taking home the Achievement in Social Leadership Award. To put it mildly, through Fadl’s work she has already become the change she wanted to see.

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