Amel Ben Adba

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Amel Ben Abda decided early on to commit to a lifelong career in mathematics. Now, she wears several hats. On one front, the Tunisia-born STEM role model is a university professor and lecturer with a career spanning more than 20 years. The National Engineering School of Tunis (ENIT) professor studied at the Faculty of Sciences of Tunis and ENIT, walking away with upper level degrees in Fundamental Mathematics and Applied Mechanics. Even more notably, she defended the first Tunisian theses in Applied Mathematics, PhD.

She also wears the hat of an avid researcher, having contributed to scholarly reports on myriad topics within the mathematics space.

Recently she has been exploring topics such as solvability issues and topology optimization methods, and missing boundary data recovery using Nash games. Her most popular co-written articles brought in more than 100 citations and dissected topics that apply to mechanics, hydrogeology, and more. Ben Abda currently sits on the advisory board for the Tunisian Woman Mathematician Association, and is a Representative of Tunisia in the Steering Committee of LIRIMA.

It is her sincere hope that post-revolution Tunisia will eventually provide more opportunities for scientific research by encouraging doctoral studies, figure out ways to attract more candidates with funding, and overall, improve the quality of the training.

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