Jane Mukami

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Health and fitness expert Jane Mukami has been changing people’s lives through wellness and personal training for seven years, but still gets joy out of the excitement her clients show when they make progress. Her mother, who raised Jane and her brother on her own, instilled the need in her children to work hard for what they wanted. Jane would have to take this advice, notably in 2008, on her personal weight loss journey. Leaning on her mother’s words, she channeled all of her energy into accomplishing the goal of looking, feeling and being better. Also an inspiration, were the struggles she witnessed while growing up in Kenya. That perspective has always fueled an appreciation for the life that she has in the United States. “...Seeing struggles of people with less has kept me grounded and humble,” she shares.

Last year started out tough for Mukami; she lost both her brother and grandmother and it floored her. But her warrior’s spirit pushed her forward and late in the year she achieved the goals of creating a weight loss program called RESET, opening an online fitness store, reconnecting with her online health communities and launching the Transform 21 Challenge. Long term goals for the Atlanta resident include impacting more lives positively by sharing the importance of healthy living, helping to eradicate obesity and lifestyle diseases and creating a new normal where everyone is equipped to lead healthy, better quality lives. Her current steps toward meeting them, are scaling her business; she’s speaking at more events, creating health-related products and services and partnering with individuals and organizations geared towards changing lives.

To Mukami, a powerful woman extends empathy to others, understanding that everyone is doing their best with what they have. Empathy leads to community building. And community building among African women specifically, means beating the odds. “We understand our cultural context and these communities can facilitate sharing ideas, supporting each other when it comes to breaking certain stifling cultural norms, surpassing professional or financial ceilings or barriers, empowering each other to soar.”