Ebele Okobi


As everyone knows by now, the social media network Facebook is a powerful force that connects people across continents. Ebele Okobi has been serving as their Public Policy Director since 2014. The 42-year-old lawyer has, in the past, been dubbed “the secretary of state of Facebook.” In her position, she leads a team of brilliant Africans passionate about co-creating opportunity across the continent, working with government and other policy influencers to drive internet connectivity and using their platform to amplify our stories.

Okobi may have been born in San Francisco, the tech world’s playground, and currently living in London, but her roots lie in Nigeria. Being a first generation Nigerian-American is a major part of her drive. According to Okobi, knowing that she stands on the shoulders of giants, and that she owes much to those before her, pushes her to achieve. She received her schooling at University of Southern California for her BA in Psychology, attended Columbia University Law School for her JD in Law, and had a brief stint at HEC Paris while pursuing her MBA. She spent six years as Yahoo’s Global Head and Senior Legal Director, Human Rights before joining Facebook’s team.

Okobi is now pouring hours into creating Junior Achievement Africa, a global nonprofit dedicated to empowering the youth to own their economic success, and getting more African women on boards. If you ask her, her community is the equivalent of strength and power. When she is amongst African and African American women, she is challenged to be both her best self and her truest self. They make her fearless.

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