Idil Ibrahim

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Keep an eye out for Idil Ibrahim. The award-winning Somali-American filmmaker was born in California and currently resides in Brooklyn, NY, where she works as a producer at the documentary film company, redfitz. Creativity runs in Ibrahim’s bloodline. Her father is a musician, her mother loves music and poetry, her uncle was a popular singer in Somalia and her maternal grandmother did intricate craftwork. She also draws creative inspiration from poets who taught her emotions she never knew she had, painters whose works make her look at things differently, filmmakers who create films that absorb her and writers whose books transport her to places she has never been. Her work—primarily locale-based documentary and narrative films such as Fishing Without Nets, Homecoming (African Metropolis), Am I Going Too Fast?, Trece Años and Laredo, Texas—has screened at a variety of film festivals, including International Film Festival Rotterdam, Toronto International Film Festival, Los Angeles Film Festival, Cinéma du Réel in Paris and Sundance Film Festival.

To her delight, most of her goals for 2017 came into fruition and then some. The University of California, Berkeley and New York University graduate did more public speaking and advocacy around social issues and received New York City’s 92Y’s Extraordinary Women Award in 2017. Ibrahim is currently in post-production on her short film SEGA, starring Alassane Sy (Restless City, Mediterranea), which examines the issue of migration and repatriation. She also filmed a short documentary about land sovereignty and climate change in the Caribbean.

Ibrahim’s ultimate goal is to direct a feature film within the next three years. As long as she remains empowered—her personal anthem is “Wu-Tang Clan Ain’t Nuthing ta F’ Wit”—and dreams “galactic big” the way her family taught her to, she is well on her way to getting there.

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