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Dynasty & Soull Ogun

Teneille Craig
Dynasty & Soull Ogun

Dynasty & Soull Ogun


Identical twin sisters and designers Dynasty and Soull Ogun are nothing short of visionaries. Their spirit creeps beyond fashion and jewelry designs; every image of the duo rocking their creations exudes vibrancy, confidence, and an Afrofuturism steeped in tradition. While most designers separate themselves from the products, Dynasty and Soull are wholly a part of theirs. It’s a package deal. And it’s one that makes their luxury concept brand L’ENCHANTEUR, so magnetic and coveted. Inspired by science, religion, mythologies, magic and color theory, the twins have constructed a brand beloved by celebrities (Erykah Badu, Whoopi Goldberg, Lauryn Hill) and jewelry aficionados who are hoping to grab both a piece of magic from their golden creations and some cool from the dynamic duo. In this condensed interview with OkayAfrica, the twins discuss their inspiration, challenges, and alternate lives.

What brings you joy in your work?

As a creative incubator, what brings us joy is the ability to discover new points of view of ourselves and we are able to direct that point of view by discovering new beauties of the world. Through our work, we are able connect with people worldwide and discover a magnitude of cultures and how they integrate into our daily lives.

Where do you draw inspiration from?

Our parents are some of our major inspirations: our father is Nigerian, our mother is Dominican from the West Indies. Their cultures have heavily inspired our Brooklyn born roots and has given us insight to creating an actual melting pot of culture within. Brooklyn has been a major inspiration. From the multitude of people that surrounds us. All of the cultures you can experience has inspired our personal style and the way we interact with the world.

Is there one singular moment that made you want to stand up for African women?

To be honest, being born. The moment we are born, is the moment we would stand up for African women. Coming to that awareness was very early on, our father would say, “You are Nigerian girls, you are carrying Ogun in you, that makes you both powerful.”

We are also twins, and in the Yoruba culture it is a title to hold high. We are always representing that, being first-generation, that intertwined with the Brooklyn “jungle”, it’s the moment to be proud. Growing up, we would get made fun of for being African/Nigerian, so just being who we were and having some type of personal style, some type of awareness of the true beauty of Africa, allows us to stand up for ourselves...to stand up for African women.

What would you be if you weren’t creators/designers?

A professional athlete or musician (Dynasty)

A deep sea diver (Soull)

*This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity