Lady Skollie

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Lady Skollie, born Laura Windvogel in Cape Town, South Africa, is an artist now based in Johannesburg. While her paintings look playful on the surface with bright colors and uniquely posed subjects, given more time, they reveal themselves as riveting masterpieces.

Starting at a young age, Windvogel was trained in more traditional art forms—first studying at Frank Joubert Art Centre in Cape Town. In 2009, she received her BA of History and Art in Dutch Literature, and a Certificate in Business Acumen for Artists from the University of Cape Town Graduate School of Business in 2014.

Working under her artistic name, Lady Skollie—Skollie being a derogatory term in Afrikaans—Windvogel has created a body of work that’s unabashedly feminist and raunchy and full of humor. In her work she fights against gender-based violence in South Africa by using crayons, watercolor, and ink to draw symbolic fruits, and “fiery vaginas” in powerful evocative scenes.

In just one painting, Lady Skollie encapsulates the themes of human sexuality, masculinity, violence, pleasure, abuse and consent. She has created various artworks that have been exhibited all over South Africa, and in galleries and fairs in other parts of the world. Some of her exhibits include Lust Politics, at Tyburn Gallery in London, UK, and Mating Dance at the AKAA Art Fair in Paris, France. Having already been featured on CNN International, African Voices, and BBC Africa, Lady Skollie is here to show women that they can rise above their greatest obstacles, and look fly while doing so.  

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